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Are Your Channel Sales Reps Out in Left Field?

Are Your Channel Sales Reps Out in Left Field?

—by Tim Hill, President & Co-Founder. 

The increasing difficulty and pain points involved with selling complex solutions—especially through indirect channels—is driving big growth in sales enablement technology. Sales Enablement is the giving the right information to the right person at the right time to help move a sales opportunity through the funnel. If you’re sell through indirect channels, you know how hard it is to get your value proposition and messaging to reps who don’t work for you.


Build it and they will… not come

The IDC reports that 75 percent of marketing collateral isn’t used in sales. Let’s hear that again—75 percent of the marketing material you spend time and dollars to develop is not used in the sales cycle. Ouch. This is a major concern for sales and marketing leaders we’ve spoken to. The metrics for content usage by direct and channel sales teams need to be measured against the costs of staffing and production to create that content. Creating effective sales content is one challenge—distributing is another. Just filling a partner or sales portal with tagged collateral generally isn’t going to fix the problem. Your channel reps are overloaded with content from you, your partners, and your competitors. You also can’t expect that they’ll go to multiple portals to find what they need. Sirius Decisions found that 65 percent of sales leaders indicated that their salespeople “spend too much time on non-sales activities”. Searching for the right content they need to move a sale through the funnel is a major part of that time suck.

Money Ball: MDF Can Fund Sales Enablement

There’s been a 69 percent increase in sales enablement technology spend in corporate America, in just two years. That’s because it puts wins on the board. MarTech Advisor reports that Fortune 500 companies that have a strong Sales Enablement program are witnessing 15.35% sales growth. There is a readily available source for channel sales enablement funds. Successful Channels says, channel executives spend nearly $10 billion per year in Channel MDF and Co-op, yet most struggle to say exactly what they get from this investment. That is staggering. However, it validates that at most companies, there is a readily available source of funding for channel sales enablement solutions. Very soon, I think we will start seeing major portions of that funding being redirected to channel sales enablement solutions.

There’s a gap in the sales process – It’s the “pitch”
Quote from Fred Diamond

Fred Diamond, IES

For success, channel sales representatives need a compelling sales pitch that meets buyer pain points and matches the right solutions at the right time. The challenge that marketing and sales teams face when selling through indirect channels is effectively providing reps with compelling content that positions their products correctly against competition and in a way that’s focused on the buyer’s specific needs. Historically, manufacturers have tried to solve this problem via the creation of a “partner portal” which industry research shows are used infrequently by indirect sales reps. Fred Diamond, co-founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) promotes best practices and thought leadership in sales and business development. “In today’s competitive B2B sales environments, it’s critical to arm sales reps with more than content. They need sales messaging to tell a story and create value,” Diamond says. “And channel sales reps who sell multiple products—including your competitors—should be a priority not an afterthought.” Diamond added.

Channel Rocket—Tailored sales pitches. Right at your fingertips.

Channel Rocket was purpose built specifically to address these challenges. We provide channel sales representatives with a compelling sales pitch that meets buyer pain points and matches the right solutions at the right time.

Our solution is easy to use and intuitive for sales representatives. We deliver content and sales-ready messaging that means something to the buyer—and addresses their business issues. In addition, we align existing content with custom content to make it relevant—value propositions, qualifying questions, reasons to buy, and more. Our app is a simple to use drill down menu. And our intuitive end user app requires no training!

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  1. Chuck Durakis

    Tim, you are spot on. Leaders need to realize that their sales people will close more sales with a tool like Channel Rocket that clearly and quickly illustrates a value proposition in the most compelling way. Pumping sales people with an overload of content for them to sift through is not the answer. I’ve seen Channel Rocket in action and it is incredibly impressive.

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