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Is Your Content Sharp Enough to Hit The Bullseye?

Is Your Content Sharp Enough to Hit The Bullseye?
Make Sales Enablement the Arrow in your Quiver

Guest Blog By Dan Oister

To hit any target takes focus. Using the example of an arrow, if the point is really dull, it doesn’t penetrate deeply enough into the target to stick.

So it goes with customer meetings and sales calls. If the message is diffused, scattered, or dull, it just won’t penetrate the “shield” that today’s customers use to protect them from the onslaught of vendors trying to cram solutions into their shop.

Getting to the point (sorry…), if the messaging isn’t clear and sharp, it won’t stick. If it doesn’t resonate with the customer’s SPECIFIC challenges, it is just a bunch of happy noise – even if it is delivered perfectly, with three colors of white board markers and a lot of passion.

How do you sharpen your arrow (or your value propositions) enough to stick? You need three primary things:

  • Content organized into razor sharp buyer personas
  • At-the-ready guidance to improve preparation and in-call performance
  • And a mechanism for sales reps to get quickly to the situation-specific content and support materials you’ve created.

Mobile Sales Enablement is the solution for delivering content and guidance to reps. Every rep in your reseller channel has a smart phone or tablet on hand 24 hours a day, at their own expense. So why not bring them highly organized, rapidly-accessible, spot-on content for the most common types of sales encounters?

Partner training falls short. With limited attention spans and lots of distraction, today’s sales professionals can’t be expected to remember more than 10% of the content delivered in training. Clearly, training has value, but the content delivered needs to be at a higher level. Diving deep into specific sales tactics on specific buyer situations just won’t get any long term retention.

It’s all about making it easy. With the right information at hand, reps will actually prepare in advance. And with the different individuals on the customer side that are involved in the buying process, finely tuned content will help them to “speak the right” language, improving momentum through the sales cycle.

With relevant content handy, they can improve call-backs from their follow up emails, versus the old “Hey Jim, I’m just checking back to see what you thought of the presentation…” approach.

Doing the homework up front for all of your high likelihood sales scenarios generates a lot of positive byproducts. For example, it results in getting your content organized and cataloged. It also aligns sales and marketing, significantly improving the effectiveness of (outbound) content marketing.

From the reps’ perspective, having “proactive sales support” right in their pocket will get you a lot more mindshare and significantly improve the level of comfort with your offering through the channel. You’ll have more actively selling “feet on the street” and your VP of sales will notice that you’ve added a few more partner names beyond the usual list of partners discussed in sales update meetings.

Dan Oister is a managing partner at TCT Partners (Training – Content – Tools), a sales development consultancy that focuses on improving sales success through IT Channels leveraging best practices in Integrated Sales Enablement. To learn more, visit