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Fantasy Content League: Deliver Winning Content for Buyers!

Fantasy Content League: Deliver Winning Content for Buyers!

By Tim Hill, President & Co-Founder.

Fantasy leagues of all shapes and sizes for all major sports have infiltrated the American psyche recently. It’s hard to watch TV, listen to the radio, or check your Facebook page without seeing an ad for DraftKings, Fan Duel and others. “Play every week, play on any device, win big cash payouts and there’s leagues for every sport!” To win, you have to pick the best players, assemble the best teams, find the diamonds in the rough and use data analysis to predict potential outcomes. Can B2B marketers take a page from the fantasy league sensation playbook to deliver winners in content creation & distribution, quality messaging & creative, and then measure content usage that makes an impact on business? Yes!

Content Relevant to Your Buyers—No Fantasy

According to the 2015 Forbes Insights Survey of Marketing Executives, 95% of Marketing Executives agree that the quality and organization of No more boring content checklisttheir content is essential to achieving their growth goals. We all know that quality content distributed through a variety of channels is critical. Just like it’s important to field the right team from your fantasy team at the right time. The big challenge is to ensure that content is relevant to buyers—their personas, pain points and aligned with their business goals. Consider these items from my “No More Boring Content Checklist:

  • Planned: Are you using a content and editorial calendar?
  • Enticing: Is the content and graphics understandable, readable and interesting?
  • Actionable: Will the reader want to take the next step? Is there a call to action?
  • Sharable: Will the reader be compelled to share the content?
  • Findable: Can readers find the content easily and is it distributed broadly on multiple outlets?
  • Measurable: Is content tracked for usage and leveraged for success?

Use these best practices for your content development and distribution and you’ll be ready to make an impact on your business—no fantasy.

Content for Sales—A League of Your Own60-70% of collateral--and therefore the budget used to create that collateral--goes unused and is benched. ~ SiriusDecisions

SiriusDecisions data shows that 60-70% of collateral (and therefore the budget used to create that collateral) goes unused and is benched. A disturbing statistic to be sure. But developing sales and marketing content is only half the battle. Content that isn’t relevant to targeted buyers won’t get used and that’s a staff resource and budget drain. And content for sales must include sales-ready messaging to weave together a succinct and value packed proposition to buyers.

Consider launching a Content Fantasy League for your own marketing team. Gamification works everywhere from marketing campaigns to sales training to buyer engagement. So try using gamification for your content development, distribution, and usage. Follow these easy steps to make it a reality:

  1. Develop and implement a content marketing mantra with your marketing team—like the “No More Boring Content Checklist.”
  2. Develop a points system for your team members on development, distribution and usage of content by your sales team, customers and prospects.
  3. Award points based upon what’s most important in your content plan by category. Whether it’s a webinar, collateral, video, blog, article, customer event or a plethora of other content types, you can develop this point system based upon completion of the content and measured usage of the content.
  4. Award points by content usage. Regardless of whether content is intended specifically for use by sales or consumption directly by customers and prospects, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Many marketers already track content take-up and usage—so the tools for leveraging and tracking such a point system to turn content creation in to a Content Fantasy League may already exist in your organization.
  5. Use your Content Fantasy League results to reward or recognize team members and leverage results for one-on-one’s and even performance evaluations.
  6. Use the metrics and analysis to provide more context and impact on business results with the C-Suite.
Delivering Content that Scores—It’s the Pitch!

Every fantasy sports player counts on some form of a “pitch” for their teams to score points. From baseball to cricket, there’s a pitch of some type in the game that leads to scoring. It’s the same for your sales reps in the field. SiriusDecisions released data at their 2015 Sales Enablement Summit that says, sales representatives are interacting more than 50% of the time during the buyer education stages, with percentages directly correlating to the size of the deal. That means they’re desperate for the right content for the right buyer at the right time throughout the sales cycle.

To win the sale, direct and channel sales representatives need a compelling sales pitch that meets buyer pain points and matches the right solutions at the right time. The challenge for marketing and sales teams when selling through direct or indirect channels is effectively equipping these reps with compelling content that positions their products correctly against competition and in a way that is focused on the buyer’s specific needs. Traditionally, manufacturers have tried to solve this problem via a sales or partner portal which industry research shows are used infrequently by sales reps. Technologies that enable content marketing will continue to be the most important marketing technology for US B2B marketers, according to a September 2015 Spear Marketing Group survey. And one area that’s a growing channel for content marketing and delivery is sales enablement technology—one you need in your Fantasy Content League arsenal.

Channel Rocket—Tailored sales pitches. Right at your fingertips.

Channel Rocket was purpose built to specifically address these challenges. We provide direct and channel sales reps with a compelling sales pitch that meets buyer pain points and matches the right solutions at the right time

Our solution is easy to use and intuitive for sales reps. We deliver content and sales-ready messaging that means something to the buyer—and addresses their business issues. And we help you marry existing content with custom content to make it relevant—value propositions, qualifying questions, reasons to buy, and more. Our end user app is a simple to use drill down menu and requires no sales rep training!

Learn more about our products.

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