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It’s like rocket fuel for your sales.

Channel Rocket is a compelling combination of instant access to custom-crafted pitch content and pertinent sales assets that you can filter by product, problem, audience
and industry vertical.

While our mobile app is the engine that dramatically accelerates your sales,
the custom content we create just for you is what fuels it.


Buyer pain to your solutions


Your reps any time, any place


From C-level to management


Related content immediately


With detailed analytics


Using our intuitive software

What do our customers think?

  • "Channel Rocket makes our sales and marketing content powerful. Their one-of-a-kind mobile platform enables our sales reps to have compelling, relevant conversations any time. Before Channel Rocket, reps were not always sure where to go for the best content needed for a complex sale. Now, it’s literally at their fingertips"

  • “The most important conversation you can have in the sales cycle is the pitch. If you can’t get your customers attention right off the bat, you will never get to the close. I engaged with Channel Rocket when I was the manager of HP storage at Avnet because they have a unique platform that streamlines the HP content that already exists. They not only made our portal smarter by connecting collateral that is geared to who they are pitching, what vertical, matched with HP solutions but they also created custom short and easy to digest pitch content that gets our partners in the game”

  • “Channel Rocket was the answer for the biggest issue we had when I was responsible for marketing and partner programs at NetApp. We were feeding our sales teams generic content and expecting them to sell solutions to executives. Channel Rocket was able to create an enablement platform that delivered to our channel the most important nuggets of relevant information on the go.  So now I know we can pitch our products with a common voice, consistently. Channel Rocket is a game changer.”

  • "Sales reps are granted a second meeting less than one-tenth of the time. And with the cost and effort involved in generating good sales leads, it makes good sense to arm and train reps to maximize their chances of a positive outcome. TCT Partners (Tools, Content, and Training) leverages the Channel Rocket platform to bring rapid, anywhere-access to relevant content, enabling reps to connect more effectively to the customer’s problems, advance the sales process, and maintain critical momentum towards closure."

A Who’s Who of Channel Experts

The Channel Rocket platform was created for channel executives by channel executives with decades of in-depth industry expertise. Our roster includes pioneers in sales, marketing, mobile and go-to-market strategies.

Greg Sherrill

Greg Sherrill

CEO & Co-Founder

Tim Hill

Tim Hill

Partner Investor

Tim Votaw

Tim Votaw

Executive VP & Co-Founder

Liz Coker

Liz Coker

VP of Business Strategy

Mark Welton

Mark Welton

VP of Business Development

Holly Shellner

Holly Shellner

VP of Marketing


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Grow your business and help your client’s sales sky-rocket.

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If you’re a content marketing, interactive or custom content agency, not only will you earn a commission on the sale of our patented software, you could see explosive growth in your billings by developing all the custom content that is the cornerstone of our sales enablement platform.

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Refer your clients to Channel Rocket and you’ll earn a commission when we sell them our patented sales enablement platform. They’ll have the ability to generate tailored sales pitches–right in the palm of their hands.

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